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spray tanning

The perfect little pick me up! A safe alternative to having a natural glow for any occasion or just because. We offer both Rapid and Classic Sprays which are formulated specifically for you. A thorough consultation will take place at the beginning of your appointment to discuss your goals, which type of spray is best for you and after-care instructions.

Before your spray tan..

Shave/exfoliate 24/48 hours prior to your appointment

Please arrive without any lotion, deodorant or makeup on.

Wear loose-fitting clothing and do not worry about your spray tan staining your clothing, it will rinse out! 

Please reach out directly to schedule a spray tanning service.

Due to the sound of the machine, we want to ensure each and every client has a peaceful environment without any distractions, so we unfortunately cannot offer this service to be booked online at this time.


Thank you for understanding!

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