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We all know times are a little different now, but Iris is still here for when you need to escape from the craziness while making you feel safe, clean & relaxed.

Iris Day Spa is closely monitoring government policy changes, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, government mandates, and public health advancements and will continue to make changes as necessary or appropriate to protocols and procedures.

Our current cleaning protocols and procedures include:

  • Services are appointment only and there is no waiting area. 

  • Clients are asked a series of questions related to Coronavirus prior to arrival

  • HEPA air purifiers run in each room throughout the entire day.

  • I wear an apron as a barrier during each session. The apron is placed in a closed laundry container after each use.

  • Disinfecting the massage & esthetic tables after each guest using Lucas-Cide RTU hospital grade disinfectant and allowing to sit wet in solution for 10 minutes, then wiping dry with a clean paper towel.

  • Wiping door knobs, handles and table top surfaces using Sani-Cloth germicidal disposable wipes using gloves and allowing the treated surface to sit wet for up to 2 full minutes and air dry.

  • Floors are swept, vacuumed and spray mopped between each session, and disinfected using Pine Sol regularly.

  • Stainless Steel Implements are washed with warm water and soap, then sprayed with 70% isopropyl alcohol and wiped dry. Then, they are placed in a sterilization tray containing Ultronics Ultracare Disinfectant cleaner and water solution for 10 minutes and wiped dry with a clean paper towel. The implements are then placed in an airtight container until used again.

  • High-frequency electrodes are washed with warm water and soap for at least 25 seconds and sprayed with 70% isopropyl alcohol and air-dried before placing back into an airtight container.

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